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Eat Clean. Get Fit. Be Happy

Eat Clean. Get Fit. Be Happy

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12 Oct, 2018 2:10 pm

Hello everyone! After a very long time, I came back with some health tips. Which help to be healthy and wealthy too. So let’s get started. Everyone who is read this you might be hearing this quarto ” early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and Wise ” what do you guys think it is just a quato? Or it’s true? If you ask me I’ll say YES. Let’s talk about the benefits of waking up early in the morning. Actual Nature Rule is waking up at 5 am in the morning.

If you wake up at 5 you have time to do prayer and go for walking or running. Its boost up your energy and make your metabolism faster. It helps you to be fit. You feel so cozy And active. Then whatever you do on the whole day you feel so energetic. Never skip your breakfast. Cause this is the main meal of our whole day. Some people think lunch is the main meal but it’s actually not. If you do not take lunch it does not affect your body but if you skip breakfast it effects on your body. Breakfast gives you the actual energy to be an active whole day. Now I say you Guy’s 5 tips what make you healthy and fit at the same time.

(1) Water:

12 glass or 4 litters of water at a day. Water cleans up our stomach , flush all toxins , and make us hydrated all day long.

(2) Lemon or Lime

In the morning when you wake up take a glass of warm water squase a lemon or line and drink it. Lemon have vitamin E . its help’s to cut the body fat and give glow to our face.

(3) Less Sugar

Sugar is very bad for our body . it increase our Insulin and its cause of many deases . don’t take sugar more then 3 table spoon a day. You can replace sugar with stevia leaves or date juice.

(4) Mid Snacks

Between 3 large meal of our day Breakfast, lunch and dinner we guys have to take small meal’s. Which we call snacks. But most of the time we take junk goods or heavy food that’s why we feel full when our big meal time comes. So we have to take simple and small snacks like fruits,juice, salad etc..

(5) Dry Fruits

Dry fruits is the mixture of Lots of nut’s and dry date’s. Nut’s have good fat, lots of protein and fibers. Its helps us a lot in many different Way’s. So try to take bunch of dry fruits everyday.

Hope this things help’s you. Thank you….



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